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Sun. Jan 24th 2021
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Rescue 28
2018 E-ONE Typhoon eMAX
Rescue 28 is a 2018 E-ONE Typhoon eMAX stainless steel rescue pumper. It features an eight person cab, a Cummins 450 horsepower motor, a Darley 1,500 gpm pump, and a 750 gallon water tank. Other features include a Harrison 15 KW hydraulic generator, and a Wilburt LED light tower. Rescue 28 also carries 2-200 preconnected hose lines, a 1-150 preconnected hose line in the front bumper, and 1,100 of 5 supply hose. This unit cost $592,000 and is dedicated to our Chief Shannon L. Martin for his dedicated service.
Tanker 28
2008 4-Guys Custom Tanker on a Kenworth T800 Chassis
Tanker 28 is a 2008 4-Guys Custom Tanker on a Kenworth T800 Chassis. It features a Cummins ISM 435 hp motor, Allison 4000EVS automatic transmission, a Hale QPAK 1000 gpm single stage fire pump, and a 3000 gallon elliptical poly water tank. Other features include a 3000 gallon port-a-tank on a Zico Quic-Lift Rack, 10 square Newton Electric Dumps with electric extensions on both the rear and sides, and a Safety Vision rear camera system. Tanker 28 is equipped with two 200′ preconnected hoselines. The cost of this unit was $299,000. Tanker 28 is dedicated to Chief Engineer, Harry Barnett.
Engine 281
2004 American Lafrance Pumper
Engine 28-1 is a 2004 American Lafrance Pumper. It features a Detroit Diesel Series 60 500 hp motor, a Hale 1500 gpm pump, a 950 gallon water tank, and a 20 gallon Class A foam tank. Other features include a Harrison 10kw hydraulic generator, a remote control Akron Deck Master, and SCBA for the pump operator. Engine 2-8-1 is equipped with three 200′ preconnected hoselines, one 150′ preconnected hoseline in the front bumper, and carries 1500′ of five inch supply hose. This engine cost $347,000 and is dedicated to Eugene Shelly for his dedication to service since 1941.
Squad 28
1998 Detroit Diesel Series 40
In 1998 the Penryn Fire Company put a new squad truck into service. It consists of a 19′ Marion walk-in box built on a 1993 Simon Duplex Chassis. The engine is a Detroit Diesel, Series 40, 230 hp with an Allison MD3060TR World Transmission. The unit can seat 12 personnel. It also features a 20 kw hydraulic generator, a 9000 watt Wilbert light tower, and a command desk. The cost of this unit was $215,155.94. Squad 28 is dedicated to former Chief Gerald Wolfe.
Traffic 28
1995 Ford Chassis
The Penryn Fire Police Traffic Unit, built on a 1995 Ford chassis, was purchased and went into service in 2011 from the Hempfield Fire Department (station 719) for $5000.00. It contains a full emergency lighting system and various traffic control equipment. Traffic 28 is dedicated to former Fire Police Captain Robert Fichthorn.
Hahn 28
1928 Hahn Motor Company
In June 1928, Penryn received their first motorized fire apparatus from the Hahn Motor Company. The Hahn cost $5,030, and was equipped with a 350 gpm pump and an 80 gallon chemical tank. In 1943, the company spent $1,439.09 for improvements, including new front and rear axles, dual rear wheels, a windshield, and spotlights. The Hahn was retired from active service in 1965.

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