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Sun. Jan 24th 2021
Just a reminder that Membership dues are due by March 1, 2021. Senior members is $2.00 and Jr members is $1.00 you can either send your dues by mail w/self addressed envelope and your card will be se...


While the hope of the Penryn Fire Company & Limerock Parochial School Mud Sale Committee was to hold our 16th annual mud sale.  In the best interest and safety of the community and all workers involved.  The sale committee had decided to postpone the mud sale for another year.  The Penryn Fire Company & Limerock Parochial School Mud Sale Committee is excited to announce a drive-through, take-out food event to be held Saturday, March 20th in place of our 16th annual mud sale.  Stay tuned for more details to be released in the coming weeks.

Thank You!



1. Troy Rutt 66

2. Harry Barnett 58

3. Jay Nolt 56

4. Dean Greiner 54

5. Dan Zimmerman 53


1. Dave Stoltzfus 50

2. Robert Fichthorn 50

3. Dan Kulp 31

4. George Gordon 14


The purpose of this organization is to prevent destructive fires, fight and quell same, to safeguard the town of Penryn and its surrounding community from fire destruction and to assist in the quelling of destructive conflagrations, wherever assistance may be needed and demanded, as well as to elevate both the moral and mental relations of mankind. 


The principles of this organization are: That every member of the Penryn Fire Co. No. 1, Inc. shall recognize their duty to God and their fellow neighbor. That they shall obey the laws of God, the laws of the United States, the laws of the Commonwealth, and the rules of the Penryn Fire Co. No. 1.



News Headlines

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